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A few weeks back, we reviewed a Graveyard Boulevard show at Poor Richardís, and the only thing we werenít happy with the lighting, well, we just visited another show there, which isnít worth reviewing as the band wasnít great at all, but the lighting issues have been fixed, and we want to address other issues.

The crowds are really diverse at Poor Richardís. Seating areas are in several locations, so you can find a spot pretty easily if you get there early enough, or if itís not packed. It's a bit small, and the venue seems to skew the acoustics a bit, but itís still a decent stage. Drinks are fine, nothing special. Friendly staff. However, on this night, the did seem a bit bored with The Fastway band.

Recently, we read on the topix website that Poor Richardís had come under fire from the Johnson City Police, as well as other venues for allowing people to mosh during shows. Now, I myself, am not a mosher, but if you are paying to go to a show, then this should be allowed. I know that a local group, consisting of bands, promoters, etc are currently working on erring this wrong, and I have faith they will have it fixed promptly, or there might be a lawsuit coming from them.

A few years ago, I would never have thought it to be true, but recently, Poor Richardís has become the premier venue in Johnson City for signed bands, surpassing even Caponeís. With planned stops from: Joe Buck, The Gallows, Thrill of A Gunfight, and Through the Eyes of the Dead to mention a few, they are offering a diverse lineup of music on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with the occasional Wednesday show also. Within the next 2 or 3 months, I see this being a major venue, being sold out most of these 4 nights.

Ticket prices are always low, with the most expensive show Iíve seen being $12. The venue is also working with local area promoters, 13th Floor Promotions, comprised of Jen Davis, Adam Coppolla, and Mike Mayhem. This should bring in some extra business, as well as some larger shows. Also, because of this, Poor Richardís has pretty much put the final nail in The Hideawayís coffin, as they seem to be landing all the Hideawayís perennial big acts, and talks are the doors will be shut by November.

While most of the action takes place in front of the stage, the best views are from the narrow, raised seating areas on two sides of the building. Trying to see the show from the deli area is impossible. Speaking of the deli, it does close at 10, so if you want food, arrive early. I think this should be changed to a bit later time, and possibly serve only appetizers or the like, for the later hungry people. Otherwise, great food, reasonably priced.

The only other complaint that I have with the venue is the sound board being on the stage. This makes keeping a good mix hard to do. Dedicate a sound booth, trust me. Some of these large bands coming in are not going to like that, and it may prevent you from coming getting them back. Otherwise, youíre doing a great job. Keep up the great work.

Jim-Team Rock